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Flightline Systems offers a complete line of digital engine instrumentation. Our Engine instruments offer your cockpit a more modern look than traditional analog instruments at less than half the cost of the average Flat Panel Display.  Our instruments are ideal for retrofit markets as they eliminate the cost associated with panel modification necessary when installing Flat Panel Displays. These instruments contain software that has been audited to DO-178B (level C) and the whole instrument has been environmentally tested to DO-160D to support TSO certification. Our instruments have been installed in many types of aircraft including: General Aviation, Business Jet, Helicopter and Military Trainer platforms as standard OEM equipment. Flightline Systems will continue to support the existing fleet as we penetrate the retrofit market. Click here to learn about Flightline Systems market leadership.

Checkpoint® is an intelligent, information-rich engine monitoring system that combines the familiarity of two-inch round analog gauges with microprocessor based signal processing, and digital display technology.
  • Discrete two and three inch round instruments
  • Complete line of Engine Instruments
  • Replacement path for traditional analog gauges
  • Drop-in form, fit, functional replacements for obsolete gauges
  • Affordable solution for retrofit programs
  • TSO'd, Qualified to DO160 Rev. D, Qualified to DO178 level C
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View our extensive line of Engine Instruments:

OEM Platforms:
Enstrom 480B
MD Helicopter 600N
Piper Aircraft Seneca V Saratoga HP Saratoga TC Malibu Mirage
PZL M28 Skystruck SW-4 Helicopter 130 TC II


Retrofit Solutions:
Beechcraft C90 F90 B200
Cessna Conquest Caravan

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