“I have never seen a cooler monitor. It’s fabulous”

- Mike Melvill, “First Commercial Astronaut”

“Quite simply, flying with the AuRACLE CRM2100 is like having a flight engineer on board during single pilot operations. After it is properly configured, any deviation is noted by deviation in the bar displays, both for the trio of MP, RPM, and FF, but more important to see deviation on the normalized EGT on all six cylinders. This is a critical consideration to maximize the fuel economy of flying LOP, alerting the pilot to any change in the condition of his engine, whether it is something simple like control cables wandering or impending disasters like detonation. I love having the idiot light that keys my attention to the AuRACLE where all my engine parameters are in one place. If you figure that flying LOP is the difference between 17 GPH and 24 GPH, my AuRACLE is saving nearly $50 per hour of operation in fuel alone, …”

- Kelly M. Beech V35B Owner

“…In my opinion my annual inspection which included a bore scope inspection and the routine monitoring (with my AuRACLE CRM2100) of in-flight and post flight engine data enabled me to detect a burned exhaust valve in the early stages. Had the exhaust valve deteriorated and fragmented; it could have resulted in a serious in-flight incident (and) significant internal engine damage, which would be much more costly than a cylinder overhaul …”

- Paul C. N6123X

“…I love the AuRACLE. It is very user friendly and intuitive. I love the dialogue box that comes up to tell me how to lean…I don’t think I can ever fly without this (Engine Monitor)…”

- Erissa W. Cessna 182Q Owner

“…After flying behind it for only a few hours now, I can tell you that the strength of the unit is multidimensional. Simply put, (it) is intuitive from front to back. The screen presentations are right on with delivering the data that you need. The BIG KNOB is so easy to manipulate, and a quick flip puts me right where I want to be."

- Michael W.

"...We wouldn’t be surprised to see this monitor gain a rapid foothold alongside the emerging second-generation glass panels such as the Garmin G600..."
Paul Bertorelli, Chief Editor

- Aviation Consumer, February 2007

"Once installed it has been a dream to fly with. The Display is easily readable. Use is intuitive... I took out and sold a perfectly good JPI 700 w FF. I looked at the JPI 930 but found the display busy... get the EIU for an elegant trouble free installation, dump all the old analog stuff and enjoy. The company has been helpful and responsive to installation and service questions. It’s a good instrument... I cannot be more pleased. "

- Don Bohannon N4978Y





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