AuRACLE CRM 2101 General Specifications

Standard Functions:

  • Four or Six Cylinder EGT / CHT
  • MAP, RPM, FF
  • Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure
  • Vacuum or Instrument Pressure
  • Outside Air Temp (OAT)
  • Voltage/Ammeter
  • Fuel Computer
  • %HP and Actual HP (calculated)
  • "Tach" Time
  • GPS Interface
  • Programmable warnings/cautions
  • USB programming
  • Flight Data logging (150 Hrs. 1 Sample/2 Sec)
  • Flight Data Transfer via USB (drive included)
  • Logical Pilot Interface
  • SmartLean ™ Intuitive Leaning Process
  • ALL functions certified PRIMARY replacement
  • EGView ™ personal edition included with unit!
  • Wiring harness and probes included

Additional Available Functions

  • TIT - Turbine Inlet Temperature
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Carburetor Temperature
  • IAT - Induction Air Temperature
  • CDT - Compressor Discharge Temperature


"Once installed it has been a dream to fly with. The Display is easily readable. Use is intuitive... I took out and sold a perfectly good JPI 700 w FF. I looked at the JPI 930 but found the display busy... get the EIU for an elegant trouble free installation, dump all the old analog stuff and enjoy. The company has been helpful and responsive to installation and service questions. It’s a good instrument... I cannot be more pleased."

- Don Bohannon N4978Y

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